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Teacher Appreciation: Be a Hero, Help a Hero Part II

This week we continue to focus on celebrating the teaching community and the auxiliary staff and administrators who support them.   As you now know, Healthy Gourmet is a faithful advocate of ‘Philanthropy and Community’ and we encourage you to be heroes in supporting our educational superstars by purchasing gift cards for convenient, gourmet meals that can be enjoyed in the staff room or at home.  Every year the nation comes together to give official recognition to teachers in May during ‘Teacher Appreciation Week‘.  We also celebrate World Teachers’ Day on October 5.  But gratitude for our teachers exists year round in the hearts and souls of thousands of families across America.  Here are some personal stories of teacher appreciation.

Kristi C

“My mother was a teacher. I grew up around teachers – getting classrooms ready in the summer, taking them down at the end of the year, grading papers after school at a desk and at home.  I had a front row seat to the hard work, the stress and the joy that made up the life of a teacher. And I remember their camaraderie, made of affection and tons of laughter and the closeness you feel to someone who experiences the same highs and lows. Their table was always the noisiest in the restaurant. And the most fun. I’m sure I didn’t understand what they were laughing at, but I laughed anyway because it was contagious.

Love and Dedication 

I remember my mom keeping presents and treats for students who didn’t celebrate a birthday so they would feel special at school. Her joy when a student learned to read. Her tears when a student suffered. I remember the exhaustion at the end of the day.  But what I remember most is the love and dedication that she and others put into teaching. No one ever dialed it in, or showed up without a fierce desire to make a difference. There weren’t any raises or bonuses or recognition, other than what they provided to each other in their encouragement. None of that mattered. What mattered were the kids, and doing their best to teach and love those kids, even if they only had them for the year.

Greatest Gifts

There’s a reason you remember your teachers for the rest of your life. You don’t experience that kind of love and dedication and not get changed by it, or marked by it. One of our greatest gifts to children are teachers. As Jim Henson said, [Kids] don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”
Fill their plates with flavor, fuel their tanks with love

Catherine H

“My daughter was saved by a teacher.  By two, in fact.  Life was challenging for my beautiful 15 year old girl.  She had a lot of problems with self esteem and got in with a group of kids who were equally depressed.  The negativity was self perpetuating and instead of healing each other as friends they began to drown in each others’ problems as well as their own.  As soon as we realized this was happening we knew we needed to separate our daughter from the group and give her a fresh start.  But this was a difficult task and one that required handling with care, love and determination in the face of much teenage resistance.  We could not do it alone.

Passion and Focus

With help from her public high school administration and the love and support of two teachers – her journalism and theatre teachers – our daughter made a full recovery.  These two teachers went above and beyond the call of duty, becoming not only educators but mentors and role models for our daughter.  They instilled a passion in her for their subject areas and gave her a focus in and beyond the classroom that brought with it new friends and a new way of thinking. In fact, journalism became such a joy for our daughter that she is currently at college in Massachusetts pursuing a BA in Journalism.  As a family we owe so much to these two teachers and will never forget the legacy of their love imprinted in our daughter’s life.”

Kim D B

“I appreciate the flexibility teachers have for adjusting to each day with dozens of different moods and learning rates. I appreciate that our teachers support and nurture our children in life as well as the subject area they teach.”

Lauren M

“I come from a family of teachers and I grew up knowing how hard they worked for their students.  But it wasn’t until I had my own kids that I truly understood how much those long hours truly meant to the kids.  My two daughters are in high school and I can list several teachers that have impacted their lives over the years.  Ones that have encouraged them to try harder, to push themselves, and to be better people.  Teachers are there when drama happens, they are there when they figure out a problem on their own, they are there for the good days and the bad and in many instances know before we as parents know if something is wrong.  They love these kids, our kids successes are the teachers successes.

I will never be able to repay these phenomenal people for the gifts they have given my kids.  But I will be forever grateful. ”

Thank you to our Teachers

Healthy Gourmet expresses profound thanks and appreciation for our teaching community.  In the words of Mary B from Katy, Texas:

“Teachers are an extension of parents!  They fill in for us to model, nurture, teach and support our children. Each one leaves their mark as they move children on to their next level..every person who interacts with them during the day has the opportunity to impact them…thank you to all who work in our educational system!”

Treat your teacher to a Healthy Gourmet gift card.  Provide them with convenient, nutritious and imaginative meals to buy them time and show your love and support.  Be a hero, help a hero and make sure that your teachers don’t go hungry.  Show your teacher appreciation.

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