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Charitable Giving – Clothed by Faith

Your charitable giving is our heart

Did you know that by purchasing Healthy Gourmet meals you are actively helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves?  Not just today, not just throughout Coronavirus but every day!  Feel good about the healthy choices you are making in terms of nutrition.  Feel great about the difference YOU are making in local communities.   Your charitable giving makes the world a better place.  Read on to discover three ways in which your generous investment in Healthy Gourmet helps others.

Giving back to the local community

How is this possible?  Because the family behind Healthy Gourmet is the founding family of Clothed by Faith and Closets for Schools!  These organizations donate gently used clothing to those desperately in need by partnering with agencies and schools in our community.  Thanks to you, community is at the heart of every transaction.  For every meal you purchase, Healthy Gourmet sends a percentage of proceeds to these organizations.

Supporting global communities

The partnership we enjoy with Just Made means that every purchase of tropical juice you purchase through us helps them to support and empower farming communities and their families in Latin America and The Caribbean.  Imagine the powerful potential behind your smart purchase and the far reaching rewards for other deserving communities by investing in meals and juices from Healthy Gourmet.

Helping families during Covid-19

Healthy Gourmet is also committed to collaborating with Katy Christian Ministries whose local food bank helps meet the needs of those affected economically by the Coronavirus.  In fact, KCM currently serves a growing base of 150 families a day and your charitable giving means that we are able to donate 10% of our sales proceeds to support these families through the end of May.

Thank you for being Healthy Gourmet’s Charitable Heart!


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