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Announcing Our Official Rebrand to EatFlavorly!
















We are so very excited to announce that we, Healthy Gourmet Your Way, have changed our official rebranding to EatFlavorly. The change includes both our visual identity and corporate mission.  It comes as the culmination of a series of recent changes in the meal provider marketplace and accommodates a shift in interest among our target demographic.  This shift reflects a transition from “diet-specific” meals to a more “culinary experience” focused decision-making paradigm.  We would love to share with you the thinking behind this rebrand and introduce you to our new website and mascot “Chef F”.  Therefore, read on to follow our journey…

New Website

Coinciding with the unveiling of the new brand, we at EatFlavorly have launched an updated corporate website (  This focuses on a menu selection and browsing experience that highlights the cultural diversity of both domestic and international cuisines. In addition, the rebrand solidifies our position as an industry innovator offering a premium culinary experience through the convenience of online meal ordering.

A Spirit of Adventure


This rebrand is simply the natural realignment of our branding with who we are and what we do. Our mission is to ‘spread joy through a passion for global flavors’ .  A new name and visual identity likewise embodies that idea in a really authentic way. Our commitment remains to serve our customers and provide excellent food while maintaining convenience and excitement.  Finally, we’re confident that this new identity is the first step in a significant marketplace shift for meal provider services.

Chef F

Our new EatFlavorly branding and website accompany a new brand mascot, “Chef F.” Portrayed in marketing materials and video productions by EatFlavorly’s President, Co-Founder, and Head Chef Barry Fourie, Chef F is the embodiment of the culinary authority, adventurous spirit, and enthusiastic customer service that the new EatFlavorly branding represents. A new video commercial featuring Chef F is being released across digital media in conjunction with the official rebrand.

About EatFlavorly

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EatFlavorly brings a world of flavors to your table by creating chef-prepared gourmet meals.  Order on demand and get delivery straight to your door. Founded in 2018 by father and son team Julius and Barry Fourie, EatFlavorly believes that convenient food experiences should similarly be amazing food experiences. Designed for convenience without sacrificing quality, EatFlavorly’s meals arrive frozen and are ready to heat and eat in minutes. In summary, EatFlavorly is more than just food, it’s a culinary world tour for your senses.

Why not start your own culinary adventure with one of EatFlavorly’s bundled meal offers?  Click on the box and pick your own adventure!

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