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Our Mission

Spreading joy through a passion for globally-inspired flavors.

From the start, the DNA of what would eventually become EatFlavorly was firmly rooted in Co-Founder and Head Chef Barry Fourie’s passion for food and embracing global flavor. After dropping out of a pre-dental program to pursue this culinary passions, Barry, with the help of his father Julius, co-founded their first culinary venture in 2011 – a food truck called Spice Runner. That venture grew and expanded to include a line of hot sauces, and eventually became a brick and mortar restaurant – Spice Runner, a vacation from ordinary meals. That restaurant paved the way for creating the company that EatFlavorly is today – restaurant-quality, globally-inspired frozen meals that ship directly to your door.

Rather than heading out the door to satisfy their cravings for flavors like American classics, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian, or Thai (just to name a few), our customers can embark on a non-stop, ever-exploring global walkabout, all from the convenience of their own kitchens. But EatFlavorly is not just about convenience, it’s about creating meals with the best possible flavors that we can put in front of our customers. We believe that food does more than just feed our bodies, it nourishes our souls – especially when you go around the world and experience all the joy and flavor that our diverse global human community has to offer. EatFlavorly exists so that we can bring a little bit of that joy from our kitchen to your table.

The EatFlavorly Journey

Pursue Dreams
Head Chef Barry Fourie leaves pre-dental program to pursue his culinary passion.
Spice Runner
Barry and his father Julius co-found San Antonio-based food truck, Spice Runner.
Hot Sauces
Spice Runner expands to begin manufacturing hot sauces.
Open Restaurant
The Fouries open a brick and mortar restaurant version of Spice Runner.
Healthy Gourmet
Spice Runner transitions from brick and mortar to local meal delivery service called Healthy Gourmet.
Healthy Gourmet rebrands as EatFlavorly and renews emphasis on globally-inspired flavors for food enthusiasts.

“It’s not just about making meals that are convenient. We want to put forward the best frozen meals there possible could be. We want to blow people away with what they can actually get from us.”

Barry Fourie
President, Co-Founder, Head Chef

Explore Our Menu

Chicken Marsala
Phoenician Lentil Rice
Mediterranean Pasta

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