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Our meals are created in small batches using all-natural ingredients that are in their prime to minimize the waste typically associated with fresh food services and restaurants. We then vacuum-seal and immediately freeze each batch to ensure that whenever you eat a EatFlavorly meal, it’s as fresh as the day we made it. We never use artificial preservatives and our packaging is 100% BPA-Free and recyclable.

Globally-Inspired Chef-Prepared Recipes

Our recipes draw inspiration from across the globe and are developed in-house by our experienced team of trained chefs. Combining traditional culinary practices with modern commercial production, our meals are the perfect union of timeless global flavors and accessible everyday convenience.

From Our Kitchen to Your Door

Vacuum Skin Packaging

To protect and preserve the flavor, nutrients, and presentation during freezing, our meals are prepared and cooked within 24 hours of purchasing ingredients, then chilled and portioned into trays to be vacuum sealed using a state of the art vacuum skin seal that holds the food in place using a robust, high oxygen barrier skin to protect and preserve the flavor, nutrients, and presentation during freezing.


Once prepared and vacuum sealed, meals are fast frozen and stored in our industrial freezer which is kept at a frosty 0º Fahrenheit. At this temp, meals maintain their quality for up to 9 months from production, and we don’t sell anything past 7 months old, ensuring that our customers have a minimum of 2 months of shelf life once they receive their meals.


We take food quality very seriously – and that doesn’t end with our kitchen! Each order we ship is pulled from our freezer and immediately loaded into thermally insulated boxes and packed with dry ice to ensure that your meals stay fully frozen until the moment you’re ready to heat them up. We only use shipping partners who guarantee timely delivery to ensure that your food arrives on time in excellent condition.

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Our FAQs most likely have all the answers you’re looking for. They cover everything you need to know about how our meals are shipped, their nutritional info, our refund policy and so much more.

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