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Scratch Made Meal Delivery Gourmet Prepared Meals

From Our Kitchen to Your Door: Flavorful Made Meals on Demand

No Subscription Required


No Subscription Needed
Get delicious meals delivered to your doorstep with no subscription needed
Indulge in fresh, chef-prepared meals without leaving your home
Packed with flavor and nutrition to stay fresh in your freezer until you're ready to enjoy
Easy to Heat & Enjoy
our easy-to-heat dishes make mealtime a breeze, so you can savor every bite with minimal effort
Naturally-Nourishing Meal Delivery

Well Balanced with Gourmet Flavor

Discover a world of delicious options with EatFlavorly – perfect for busy foodies who crave restaurant-quality meals made from the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring a non-skimpy, nutritionally-balanced and satisfying dining experience.

from Our Happy Customers

EatFlavorly definitely brought the joy and convenience of 'heat and eat,' directly to my doorstep! I had the butter chicken today. The meal filled my whole house with the savory, globally inspired smells -- that I know and love. It tasted amazing too! I would recommend this service for busy people and for older people who just want to pop a meal in the microwave and eat. Lots of options and flavorful choices. Lots of nutritious and healthy options too. I needed to microwave mine for about 30 seconds longer than the label suggested. All in all - 5 stars :)). Yummy and a great gift idea.
EatFlavorly Customer
I live out of state. My mom is cared for by some wonderful caregivers. I have tried to make things as easy as possible for them. Initially I tried a subscription service that provided ingredients but they still needed to be prepared. I received feedback that they preparation took too much time. Also, unless you remember to cancel, the boxes continue to come, even when you do not need them. I then tried another company that sent meals that were already prepared. My mom said that they were ok, but nothing special. The shipping was slow and the shipping charges were high. By happenstance, I saw an ad for EatFlavorly. My mom loves them! The caregivers report that they arrive very timely and that they look and smell delicious! I even had a customer representative personally call me to offer me a better deal on shipping. I was so surprised. Something like that never happens these days. I highly recommend EatFlavorly!
Cheryl T.
Eat Flavorly Customer
I love this company! I have a very busy schedule and never have time to cook for myself. Before finding Eat Flavorly, I ate fast food all the time. Their meals are so easy to throw in the microwave before running out the door and its delicious! The meals are filling and nutritious, I don't feel like I've had a heavy meal but I have a ton of energy. The variety, delivery process, overall taste... it is all fantastic! I would heavily recommend this service to anyone and everyone.
Ciara F.
Eat Flavorly Customer
I have been ordering from EatFlavorly for at least 6 months. I wanted to eat better and my busy schedule does not allow this to happen. A friend recommended I use EatFlavorly. I just assumed that this would be just like any of the other companies, the food would not taste good, and overpriced. To my surprise this is been the best experience ever. The food is fresh, has wonderful flavor and I’m eating healthier than I have ever before. I’ve even lost a few pounds. Thank you to EatFlavory for helping me get my life back on track. The customer service department is phenomenal, they are eager to answer any questions I had. I can’t thank you enough.
Jamie G.
Eat Flavorly Customer

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Maximum convenience without the hassle

Why Choose Our High Quality Frozen Meals?

Fresh Ingredients

Over 100 Ingredients for Unrivaled Flavor & Freshness.

Vacuum Sealed

Prevent ice crystals, Ensure Meal Freshness Always.

Frozen Quickly

Meals Stay Fresh as the Day we made them, Surpass week-old.

Small Batches

We Craft Every Recipe Carefully No Mass Produced Meals Here.

Clothed by Faith


A portion of every single EatFlavorly meal sold supports the work of Clothed by Faith. Through this unique partnership, our customers have helped to touch the lives of 63,000+ people through Clothed by Faith donations.



Add a kick of flavor to your meals with our house-made hot sauce – crafted with the perfect blend of spices and ingredients to elevate any dish.

Hot Lava Frozen Meal Delivery

Welcome New Foodies!

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No cooking required! Get delicious, home cooked meals delivered to your door.