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How to Get Flavorly Rewards:

Get rewards points with every purchase to use on future orders. Be sure to sign in on the my account page or checkout page to get credit. First time customers can create an account on the checkout page and get rewards for their first purchase.

  1. Sign-in before placing an order
  2. Get rewards based on your subtotal
  3. Use rewards for a discount on your next purchase

Check Your Rewards in My Account

Check your accumulated points in the my account page on the website, my points tab on the left-hand side of the page.

Here you will find your accumulated rewards along with their worth translated into dollars in addition to your point history: what orders earned you rewards, and how you have spent rewards in the past.

How Flavorly Rewards Work:

  1. Make a purchase on and the rewards you earn will be deposited into your account based on your order subtotal. You can view earned rewards on your “my account page.”
  2. The next time you log into, your rewards will be available to use. Just fill up your cart as usual and proceed to the cart or checkout page (you can also sign-in on the checkout page if you forget to sign-in while you shop).
  3. On the cart or checkout page, a message will prompt you to use your rewards as a discount. Choose to use your earned rewards on your next purchase, or save up for a larger discount in the future.