Be a Hero, Help a Hero – Feed a Teacher


One of Healthy Gourmet’s four guiding principles is ‘Philanthropy and Community’ and this week we are focusing on the teaching community and the auxiliary staff and administrators who support them.  To this end, Healthy Gourmet believes that teachers are a priceless asset in any learning environment and we would like to encourage our community to partner with us.  For this reason, we invite you to be heroes in supporting our teachers by purchasing gift cards for convenient, prepared meals that can be enjoyed in the staff room or at home.

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How Your Greens Can Help Beat Your Blues

good nutrition can help our brain deal with stress

Planning meals, feeding the family and thinking about food in general have become central to our daily routine during the Covid-19 lockdown.  We are trying to follow the #stayathome mantra but in the process of doing so are finding ourselves in a predicament:  We are almost always within close proximity of the kitchen and stress eating is becoming a temptation.

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Celebrating Easter In Splendid Isolation

Pass The Remote!

Celebrate Easter remotely?  The upcoming holidays – meaning Easter, Passover and other Holy holidays and celebrations – may feel quite strange this year.  The idea of remote celebrations is not a practice we are accustomed to.  These occasions are traditionally a time for gathering with friends and family around a table or at a place of worship.  However, with social distancing in place, families will need to find creative ways to get together for their quarantine festivities.

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Is Frozen Food Good For You?

Covid-19’s Frozen Food Fallout

You may have heard the expression “old age doesn’t come alone”.  The Coronavirus is not unlike old age in the sense that it has brought with it a heap of household baggage in terms of its impact on our grocery expenditure and eating habits.  Never has there been a time since World War 2 when as a nation we have given so much thought to planning what we are going to eat, where we are going to source our food and how much we are going to spend on food – after of course we have reassured ourselves that we have enough toilet paper in the house.  Frozen food is occupying a bigger part of our grocery budget in the quest to combat empty shelves at the grocery store by planning ahead and frozen prepared meal delivery services such as EatFlavorly are becoming a household staple.

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